Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ancient Corinthian Columns _________A Fantasy Project by BB

It was over three years ago that I began to reason out how to make the  silicon rubber moulds cheap as chips, and then produce ancient ruined Columns for future projects. And so it was that a few patterns were obtained and were in fact plastic Wedding Cake Pillars, and I had limited success with them, along with lots of fun. However I wanted better patterns for my abstract work. I  am pleased to say I now have them. They too are Wedding Cake Pillars made of plastic and they stand both five and seven inches in height.                                                                                         

Some Ornate Ancient Columns

Using reusable modelling compound I made a make shift mould of the top and bottom section of a Corinthian  Column. Very similar to those seen above. I was lucky enough to have found retro  plastic columns from the early 1960`s on E Bay U S A, which are hard to find these days.

 The top  Sample determined the correct angle the pattern needs to be in before ramming it up in the moulding box.

These tiny air bubbles mean I`ll have to lift the mould up between two boards, after casting up and then roll and shake it, so the trapped air will move away from the sides where the design is trapping it. Then vibrate it by hand on my toughened glass table top,by thumping the glass.

Both casting are looking on the rough side, but they have shown me what needs doing in both preparation and casting up.   So making the real moulds can proceed later, and then the Patterns can be viewed fully in that process.  



               Bought from E Bay USA from Coolbreeze65 the 5 inch Patterns perfect for my needs.
                            A 7 inch Mould will also be made in the next few days time allowing.

                                               So Now The Real Work Begins

                                       The open ended Silicone Mould made in a LEGO BOX!

                                           THE TOTAL  COST £5.50 UK STERLING

                                                            Clay Flat Patterns

                                                         The Pattern Removed
                                     The Open Mould a Success! Now it needs casting up.               

                                                   Fully Cast Up and Opened Up

                                    ADDED  SHADOW TO SHOW CAPITAL DETAIL         

                                    The first casting cleanly popped out easily onto the Bubble Wrap.

There are a few tiny air holes , so I will have to work at countering this.
     Although I am creating  ancient ruins for my own fantasy story`s, so the odd hole is acceptable.

                        The flat Castings can be angled cut to form four sided Capitals!

                  Steps and stone flooring will be added to create an Ancient Temple.


                     Making The Odd Side for the 7 inch Corinthian Column.

                                There`s no need for messy expensive clay.

The LEGO BOX, was formed on a LEGO BOARD, and the Pattern was put into place to its halfway mark. Then  Plaster of Paris was poured in until it reached the top of the brick. This is how I make a good rough and tumble Odd Side.

I never seem to throw anything away that might be of use one day, and so it was these obsolete paint tubes came into use, because the caps make fantastic guidance holes. These were pushed into the wet plaster after the box was filled and they were soon held in place because the mixture heats up and goes hard.

I had to put a wedge in place at one end of the box in order for the box to fit tight against the Column to be moulded in rubber, and the Pattern was positioned in a diamond shaped formation. This will make it possible to get a good clear solid lift off the Ornate Capital.

The empty paint bottles were removed and the holes that will help form the moulds guidance pins are in plane view.

The walls of the LEGO BOX, can now be built up to the required depth of the first half of the mould.
After cooking oil has been brushed on as a parting agent, then the box will be ready to be filled up with the silicone rubber mix.
10 minutes after pouring the plaster Odd Side, was hard. So this is a very quick method indeed, requiring no messy clay to bed the Pattern in. It is the preparation that takes up the most time.

              Thank you kindly for your visit, and feel free to comment if you wish. BB

Looking as always to ancient ruins left from the days of antiquity is always inspiring,and one can buy kits of Roman Temples now, but there really is no choice and what is on offer runs into several hundred pounds UK Stirling. Anyway as long as I care to remember I have always made my own stuff,and to me it is part of playing. I take this from there, add to it and produce castings,but not for sale.   I am only interested in showing the pathway and not providing stuff it produced. I hope to show some results of my work soon.

Ruins inspire. BB


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