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Creating The Mother & Two Daughters Using Cooking Foil a Sci Fi Oddity by BB

                                                                        Part One

It must be mentioned that I had never attempted this type of work before,and the idea came from Mrs B, but it was down to me to figure out "The How To", of it all. I had already made rocks before and so I decided on a course of action that I thought might not work. However only wanting an abstract Alien look it was well worth trying. So what follows in brief is the description of this Sci-Fi project that entailed using these basic tools, a large cheap brush, and a butter knife. Needless to mention I was way out of my  Comfort Zone, until the first glimmer of success appeared to be sound enough to proceed. I love the magic of my hobby,it keeps my mind fresh and feeling young.

                                                               Bought from China
                                             Designed for Window Shop Hat Display

 Placed on the table and supported well by newspaper to stop the head from rolling about as if chopped off!  Cooking foil of three layers was pressed and smoothed over by hand finger and thumbs to get an impression. It has long been my aim to use things freely available in any ones home including that which comes in and which ends up in ones bin,to do the work. Thus ruling out the need of acquiring expensive tools.   Minds and hands only need come into play.

As I always have needs for casting up many a thing,I always buy a large bag of fresh mixed up Plaster of Paris  £22.99 Free Post on E Bay! UK Stirling. Of course much smaller cheaper bags can be obtained elsewhere on the high street.                                                     

Removed carefully from the Pattern Head, and still in tact it was placed upon a piece of wrapping up foam that lay in the meat container our Sunday Roast had sat in while ready for sale.The Plaster of Paris was mixed and brushed thickly onto the nose section and mouth and chin and eyes first. The work carried out a little piece at a time,by a yogurt pot size mix,mixed up and applied with a cheap brush thickly. The objective was to put it on and preserve the main features first, and gradually after tilting in directions needed,adding the mix until complete with a covering of the whole face and the front of the neck. Then after this more of the same stuff was added to thicken it up to 5-8mm. This process I duly named Shell Casting!

The hollow casting soon warmed up nicely and so went hard enough to peel away the unwanted cooking foil it had served its purpose well,but went into the bin.

I then smoothed over the face to the look that I wanted. Thirty minutes later she the first one ever lay upon my rather untidy work table that is overlaid in toughened glass

I left a cragginess to the neck bottom and part of the skull. Needing no ears or hair this was a perfect Alien type pose that I wanted. I made another two more in the same method,and artfully enjoyed every second it took doing it. It was so simple to do without using great lumps of clay.

 Now I needed to make the first rock mass that would act as a perfect housing for each individual head to rest in.

Costing only a few Pennies three rather curious abstract things were produced, and my eccentric aim is to add those metal rock climbers that will give this unconventional work a scale. Much smaller 15mm or 6 mm figures would intensify the share wonderment of scale.

                                                               PART TWO
                                                 MAKING A CHEAP ROCK MASS

It does look very strange and hard to reason out in this photo below.

 The head was placed face down upon foam packaging ,and supported to stop it rolling by some odd rubber moulds and one can be seen in the picture above. However anything to stop it rolling out of place would've done just as well in this endeavour that needed no expensive moulds.

After lightly crumpling them up, first one way and then another, I then joined two sheets of cooking foil up together, and then over laid this onto hollow side of her head and gradually pushing it down to create her unique inside hollow shape.  Plaster  of Paris mixed up in small yogurt tubs came into play again, and I applied it in the same way as before. By doing so piece by piece it soon had its first covering in only a few minutes, then more and more was brushed on leaving it untidy like because that is much stronger than perfect smooth plaster. It soon warmed up and went hard enough to handle.

Lifted off from the inside of her head,and turned over ,the foil was peeled away leaving a share rock appearance that I wanted,but more to the point a housing for her to rest her head in.

One never can fully realise what an end result will be.
As this is `Topsy Turvy', work involving unpredictable measures !
If it is not liked it is no great loss as the bin is nearby, and so in that case onwards to another try.

                    So this shape is thin and hollow too,5 - 8mm, and not a heavy solid lump at all.             

                                          My My! It was a perfect fit. I was well pleased.

I then needed to make two more in the same way, and each inside hollowness being different meant they would only fit into their own rock casting a perfect housing that would help produce the poses that I wanted that would capture beautiful shadows cast from the light of my window.

                                         Two down and one more to make in this Sci Fi landscaping.

There they are in a temporary position just for the photo shot.

Having a minds eye, is very useful.  For a person seeing a pile of bricks as just a pile of bricks,but to a builder seeing the same pile of bricks as a potential house,______ I think explains it well. BB

The Hat Stand sure made the way possible along this pathway.
One day thinking!
Two days work,and a cost of under £3.00 UK Stirling to make. MAGIC!
Thanks for viewing BB


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