Saturday, 13 May 2017


I have long sought to make things by using impressions of stuff I own or create myself.

Here is what I used,and they are simple things. Plaster or Paris, a Britains toy figure, an icing sugar cake mould, and Lego Bricks!

The PEGASUS  silicon mould cost  £1.99 Free Post from China. I had to wait a couple  of weeks for it to arrive,but that is OK,and this idea of how to use it embedded in stone gradually yesterday began to materialise. Many of you will know that I make my own props for story telling of rather tall tales,using simple toys,and my camera.

                                                          Above is PEGASUS.

  Also shown is part of the making a part of my own stone pathway  for the ASTERIX VILLAGE!

                            As I am no sculptor I use whatever I can find for other purposes.              

                                           The Apex was formed by using LEGO BRICKS.

The wet plaster was poured in around the main feature, not perfect on this 3,000 year artefact from  my over leap-frogging, fancied mind for antiquity!

While the plaster was hard I brushed on lots of cold water,as I have found it helps harden it even more. I also added shadow to this camera shot,because it defines the detail well.

The cast up impression of the Greek toy Griffin Shield adds balance to the Apex Shape,and will help direct eyes on the centre featured in stone. Although not finished I thought to show my sweet tooth pathway rather than an end result.

I will show more later as more work falls into place leading to completion.
Thank you for viewing. BB


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    1. Thanks for commenting Phil, what is seen is far from being complete,but one has to make a start of a something somewhere. Edged in stone and supported upon high it will hopefully look even better. Thanks for your visit. BB

  2. You certainly have a very creative side. Inspiring as always

    1. Hi Russ, Toying around with stuff while my other castings dry out for my ASTERIX project,is something that I like to do. PEGASUS, is a fun time thing that I am sure to use,along with other things from the USA,that should arrive sometime this week.
      My creative side? Yes you should see me trying to wash up,all finger`s and slippery thumbs.
      With cups,plates ,and other china flying from my hands all over the place. All this as the kitchen slowly fills up to overflowing point with soap suds.Shiny cups all in a neat row is quite beyond my clumsy mitt`s.
      Thanks for commenting.BB