Saturday, 20 May 2017



Time and Relative Dimensions in Space


                                           The 2005 DOCTOR WHO  GAME

                                                 It contained 6 Imperial Daleks

                                                  It also contained a good sized TARDIS

                                               It is now in my ever expanding collection

                    This much larger Police Box,will look much better in future photo shoots.

Although having many hundreds of  differing types painted it is the vast legion of Imperial Daleks that are for me the Prize! This is due to the extra detail above their gun mounts.                                                                                                                                                   

I managed to obtain three extra packs of six Imperial Daleks,because below and behold FRED, was once an Imperial Dalek himself, and arrived unpainted.  He stands above with yellow lights. I am not interested in the actual game it was bought to obtain the Prizes!

                                                              Norwich  City 1940

THE DALEKS & THE BOMB, appeared on Benno`s Figure Forum on 14th November 2014.
Things have certainly moved on since that time.


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