Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My Latest Read by BB

I read the entire book in one day.

Although not my war it invoked memories that are always there. BB

A grunts war told in parts as it was for him and them. By a Commander who saw a need and filled that gap with a wide eyed open respect for most of his men he served with.Who realised all their daily up-hill battles way before the reality of combat began. If all could survive Captain Sobel, including himself and all his fellow Officers then they could endure the worst of what was to come unexpectedly harsh their way. Such hate for Sobel, oddly helped bound this band of brothers together, for against his insane orders they helped each other when there was such a great need.It came at a price,and all suffered because of it. One and all to a man.

As they and thousands like them took that first step out into the unknown on D. Day into that dark abyss of sky, few questioned the why of it all? They were ready to fight for their country, themselves and each other, and for the Freedoms the many of us have today. What a bitter price many would pay for the liberty of others alive then under such a tyranny!______ And above all for those of us that were bound to come in the future.I also of course include Germany and its people of today in that statement.

I was born in February on the second day of that post war period of 1949. My Brother Ronald came into being in 1945,just before that war ended. My Mother Grace Liddy,being of Gypsy stock would have never survived such a Nazi system if it had landed upon the shores of Great Britain.

Therefore i along with my Brother Ron would have never existed. A sobering thought. BB


  1. Thanks for sharing BB, your words ring so very true. If I ever get the time it's a book I will have to read.