Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Tiny Mould: an Asterix Novelty Figure by BB

Having a need for figures that will stand inside buildings that look out through windows I decided to make some using a period piece 48 year old figure from way back in the day as a pattern.

This is one method I use to make tiny tot silicone moulds  using soapy warm water.

It being rather on the tiny size,i only needed a tiny bowl containing water first, then the washing up soap added.

 No need for masses of bubbles unless you like them. I simple stir the water around a few times. So the hands,in this case hand is soapy wet. The soap is very important because it forms a barrier between my skin and the silicone rubber.

Squeezed into the soapy water,is just enough for my needs.

 Then my hand still soapy wet was well able to handle this usually tricky sticky stuff.

A few second and a ball is formed and with my hand as wet and soapy coated as the silicone is. It was time to fill my little moulding box containing the tiny figure.

  This is the second half of a two part mould.
The first part being made by the same method. After curing it was coated with a parting agent            ( Cooking Oil ) which was thinly applied by brush over the entire thing including the pattern in this case a classic figure from the Asterix Bubble Gum Range of the 1970`s. So very rare to obtain at a reasonable price these days.

It was simply thumbed and fingered into the mould and pressed lightly. As this took place the air escaped.

Using Lego bricks, a pattern,soapy water, and cheap silicone, it was and is as simple to do and use as this.

The first part of the moulding process included making an odd side out of Plaster of Paris in a Lego box,into which the pattern was inserted up to its halfway point. This odd side included small guidance holes being cut into it after the plaster was hard. After building up the Lego box further, both the plaster and pattern were coated in oil. Then the first soapy wet silicone was pressed into place filling the Lego box. Once cured the odd side was removed leaving the bottom half of the mould formed perfectly with pattern imbedded in the rubber . After Lego bricks were built up in two courses, what you have seen took place.

  Simply made today I wonder what the copy of the tiny figure will look like when cast up.
I only need props for a photo shoot so Plaster of Paris will serve my needs.

And so it was that the little rubber mould costing under a Pound,was opened

                                      It was a pleasing tidy clean halfway parting result.

                                                    She stands 32 mm in ht.

                                            It will be poured through that tiny hole.

                                                           A Little Later

Although not a nice experience being rubber coated and Lego boxed in soapy tight she forgave me when she saw her new relations that had come to stay and play.

                                                 I cast two and then another.

                                       There are times when I just love this hobby.  

                                                    Thanks for looking guys.BB


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Michal,it is often surprizing how the simple cheapest things we all have in our homes can help us in the world of arts and crafts.Thank`s for commenting. BB

  2. You never cease to amaze BB 😀 Thanks for posting

    1. Thank you Russ.
      It is always a pleasure to pass a little something along the pathway of free expression and creativity within the world of simple to do arts and crafts. BB

  3. Great work Paul.
    But next time you need this lady, just let me know, I got enough leftovers here.
    But interesting way you do that, have to try it myself someday.

    1. Thank you Remco,this mould really was a fun time project to do. I have lots of figures too.Being most curios I wanted to see if it could be done. I found the exercise a good learning curb and info well worth passing on because other stuff can be poured into this cheap silicone. Thanks for commenting. BB

  4. Lovely stuff BB! Wish I had half your skills and enthusiasm


    1. Thank you Aaron,if anything I like to show the simplistic way things can be logically worked out,and requiring very little skill at all. That is the art of all teaching,showing and explaining the simplistic way to achieve any ending. Very true, traveling from east to west, i always have had this driving force of enthusiasm in my world of dreamy eyed creativity. In my elderly age I have all day for it, but alas not always the energy.
      Aaron,enjoy your own vocation in life,kindly teaching others along certain pathways of life.BB