Thursday, 13 July 2017

Loss of Pictures World Wide presented by BB

Hi guys,
Who ever you are or where ever you are, do not lose heart because of loss of pictures due to Photobucket!
To the artist authors effected keep positive and move forward freely in the way you chose.

Photobucket has merged ( joined ) Photobox UK,which should be another grave concern to many.

I personally as a writer author keep all my own Back up files on a portable 4 TB Hardrive for safe keeping. It will last for years and my pictures and written copyright work is safe and sound more importantly free from Blackmail.
Due to Photobucket I have read that some authors written work they cannot access at all. This has to be an infringement of Copyright Law of all nations of the world. My advice seek legal advice and serve" Cease & Desist Notice!" Upon these Colorado fat cats!

To avoid legal costs you can legally write one out yourself,and get witnesses to sign that document ,and send it in by post. Do not send  "Cease & Desist ",E Mails. Their system can handle and delete them.

I highly recommend Posting by way of your own country`s Mail Postal Service and this will certainly see millions of letters arriving from world wide blocking up their handling system completely. All that is required is a Postage Stamp.  On a last few words,who is ever going to open that much mail? Just imagine them getting Truck loads of mail each day.

So guys go block up their Mailing System .

postimage org is a free post site. I have used it for 9 months. There`s no need to register, one can upload and use it straight  away to post to Forums.        BB


  1. BB I agree with you completely, I think what photobucket is doing is pretty crappy to say the least! The change of terms and conditions email went straight to spam and I never checked it until it was to late. The screenshot you get instead of images makes me feel like I'm some kind of low life criminal! Is that really anyway of getting you to upgrade and pay the price they want. It leaves a bad taste and I would rather loose all of my work then give in to them. Well I've said my piece. Thanks BB for coming out and saying what a lot of people are thinking!

    1. Hi Russ, if you go to my recent topic on Benno`s Figure Forum,I am Beano Boy there also. Well if you click onto one of my photographs it will take you direct to, "postimage. org" , a Free Post Site.I have been using it for 9 months. One can use it even if one does not wish to register.Just upload picture and post it. BB