Sunday, 30 July 2017

Part 1 : Railway Supporting Walls A Scratch Build Programme by Beano Boy

Hi guys I have thought to build supporting walls for my railway layout and being a Beano Boy out for fun as always I want different from the usual things seen on the average model railway systems. That off the peg stuff is not for me. ( Although I did buy one kit fully explained further on.)Sure I buy railway engines everyone does,and the train of carriages they often pull.However the bones of the railway I build and dress up how I see fit. Last year I worked throughout the summer on my raised canal diorama that sits on top of my railway tunnels. Both canal, and railway  tunnel entrances I designed, made patterns, rubber moulds,and cast them up in Plaster of Paris. So now the time is right to leave other stuff on hold and soldier on with this large upstairs layout,and while doing that take time out to run trains on the three track railway.That will be great fun over the summer holidays.

I am thinking,well decided actually to build medieval castle walls and use them as the supporting walls of my raised canal. Below is how it looked early last year before the water effect was sorted out.

It is this unfinished raised canal above  resting upon the tunnel supports that I want  to tidy up with ivy clad medieval walls. 

This shows  the position of the canal tunnels made last year.

The water had not totally cleared but the picture show the new stone tunnel after dipping in colour -wash.

I bought a 28mm kit of Castle Wall from RENEDRA LIMITED, but the detail is far to faint to be seen on my large layout,so it aint no use for me,but was worth trying out.
So I will be designing a few medieval walls myself over the next few weeks. The scribed patterns will have deep wide recesses between each stone so the detail will be visible from  across and along the  layout no matter where one is standing. My tunnels I designed in the same way and they were a great success. So I forget small to scale cannot see detail buildings and make my own larger size brickwork and stone.

So that is the plan ahead for the remainder of this year,however time will be set aside for the Asterix village buildings which I`ll work on a couple of hours of each day.

It was good to see my little narrow boat upon its slow paced journey.

Once those walls are  stuck into place ,then the back drop of the canal can be finished and installed.

Part 2 will be much shorter and will be placed sometime next week.
Thank you for viewing BB

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