Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Asterix Type House Build by BB

This is an edited down version of ongoing work.
The original topic was far to long winded and so it was deleted.
As details have been shown on Video now,
I thought to add this journey too.  BB

Making The House Above

                                The work is one of taking my ease at a little section at a time.

The design based upon the Asterix Comic`s. The picture shows one of my own stonework castings.

     Cheapest Styrene Sheet cut to size shape and form, with the facing paper on each side removed.

     The double stabbing dinner fork method works well in creating a very effective looking end result.

                  The paper card frames that will make it possible to shape the lift on and off roof.
                  Scribed out wood effect with the use of a pen,painted black and dry brushed.

With the inside painted black and dry brushed with white,the framing was stuck into place using P V A Glue. My dinner fork method worked out really well and it took around about 20 minutes to achieve the desired effect that I needed.

                                                                  I started the roof

As I have never Hay-ed a roof before i set to , with cutting up and using Plumbers Hemp, I started knowing it would take rather a lot of time in doing this hairy sticky work,but I have looked forward to trying me sticky mitts on this one.

The result of four hours work can be viewed above. I like the challenge on this scratch-build.

My poor attempt at using clay to construct the chimney. It dried out well but I had to fill it in where it cracked.

Now the other side needs the Boris Johnson makeover.

My first Chimney

Now I am confident that the other side will be a bit quicker because I have the experience of haying a toy building well at least one side of one anyway.

As further work proceeds none of the chimneys will be stuck onto the buildings. So in this way they can be moved freely about upon a universal playful whim. 

Free floating universal objects like the planed Black Smithy, or the Fish Shop trader,can also be used to extend outward from the side of any type of A Frame scratch built thatched building.
 Above shows the Pattern  front of these cartoon style of universal buildings.                                                                               

                    The cast up Smithy,and what will be a Fish Shop, and they look well fit for what I have in mind for them. I cast up four of these and the mould cost £2.00 to make and the castings 5 pence each to make. Side walls to be designed for these need doing next.


Above a brand new dormer type window for setting onto a roof, and what  better sight to view, then tiny special cast up figures to be placed peeping out of the windows. The yellow ones from the 1970`s Asterix Range of Bubble Gum figures I used as the Patterns, and these little Gaul, ladies will certainly paint up well.

                                THE BRAND NEW ARRIVAL, ANOTHER CHIMNEY

It being made by using air drying clay. Once its shape was formed tapering slightly upward to its top. I found it easier just to push into place rolled up balls, and once completed scribing out deeper in between and around them. It was and still is a learning curb that worked out well for myself.

                     Great interest is shown upon high as a new chimney comes into being.

Vitalstatistix declared out aload to all his kinsmen," This will keep us warm during the toe toasting time of mid winter.

" Impedimenta, his Wife had a face full of smiles for most certainly she had quite a liking for this new invention poached from another time period.

"In reality one can most certainly use that in Sci-Fi & Fantasy", said Getafix the Druid.

The unpainted but colourful Gauls one and all agreed it to be of a sound scale structure indeed. So there was much celebration taking place.

                            As usual the music if one can so call it that was an awful din indeed.

                                                      Another  Part & Parcel Later
                                                             AN INTULUDE  QUESTION

                                      I wonder if one day Toutatis does fall from the sky?

                                                                   MAKING MENHIRS                 

It was two years and six months ago,i set to in the process of moulding lots of MENHIRS. Of course the Quarry needed scratch-building too. It is strange just how projects like to grow as if inflatable balloons. Well at least mine do anyway. A bit like painting one Roman then an entire Legion.

                                  I like to use stuff ordinary people have in their homes.

                                                         And so it began to expand.

As this is a Blog giving out tips freely.If I were to make another Quarry I would use Lump Wood Charcoal which is very light. Washed and dry brushed, then siliconed together. One cannot buy lumps of coal in Britain, well at least in Norwich,but most certainly coal could be used. Coal used for making simple moulds even.
                                               OBELIX`s SECRET QUARRY

        This is where having made hundreds of tree`s for my model railway comes in very handy.

                      In line with the question it was a well known fact that MENHIRS,
                     hold up the sky.  Well at least to the Ancient Brit`s & Gauls

                                        Thanks for visiting you are always welcome.        


  1. C'est très bien, par Toutatis!

    1. Indeed Toutatis,upon this build might fall from the sky after all. Thanks Phil,for viewing some of the fun.BB

  2. BB you make everything you do look so easy. You really do inspire me if only I had the time.

    1. Hi Russ, much of my life is doing stuff that keeps my mind and hands active, and little comment`s here and there are like finding rare gems for me. Thanks buddy. BB