Thursday, 24 August 2017


Here below on this topic is a lot extra I found myself hacking into.

With some good sound castings now stacked up I decided to scribe out deeper around each stone block this will increase visual effect when looking across and along my railway layout.

It is all about creating a recess for natural shadow to hide out between the stone makeup of each and every wall. I have long found the simple hand held scribe perfect for such work,and therefore no need to use my Dremel  power tool. Well the case being my Mrs B,put it somewhere and then forgot where. It will turn up later when not needed.

And so it was upon an overcast wet stormy day that I began the touch scribing out work doing so in my own slow sweet time. The contrast between the one now enhanced  and that untouched one above is clearly seen, and therefore to my eye of reason is well worth the easy effort involved in adding my own characteristic style to it.

 These will be dipped in colour-wash and then installed into place. As I am not a good painter I rely upon the quick soak  and gravity flow method to ease such a frustrating labour from me.

A converted half sized wall is next to scribe out in the same easy style of extra additional change.

So as the thunderous rainstorm washed my gutters to overflowing point outside, i made a special pointed start on the buttress underscoring the stone, and found it a most worthwhile relaxing activity to do. 

Certainly creating deep scribing out areas ,without getting hum drum board with it all,will achieve the required look,i saw in my minds eye. Which will when complete become another unconventional reality as I model stuff by my own rules of play and not those pertaining to certain patterns of scale that quite frankly no one can see across a 10 foot railway anyway.

The two sides were soon nearly finished with my table and myself being well done and dusted,but it was all part of such a hands on job that needed doing.

                             The contrast between the two is I feel self evident.

The desired result means that shadow hides out like the outlaws of old story book tales.

Here`s a something extra to give a wall another feature other than stone. I cast up a couple of small doors, so I`ll use one just for fun. Now to make the place chosen look like where a door aught to be the wall casting needed a little bit more graft applied to it. The shape being marked out, the scribing  began  to dig out the spoil. Yes dig out in order to settle the door comfy in.

Scribing tools can make your hand blister because of chaffing ,and it is because these have a file along the metal stem. It is good to have a multipurpose tool, but my tip is put the plaster upon the tool where the rubbing points are going to make your hand saw. Much better than having a plaster on  quite a sore hand. So stick the metal up not your skin.

Trying the door out for size and depth. The left  hand scribing was yet to be done and dusted.  However the facing stonework around the entrench has been an easily  thing to do.

So the little door is settled into the wall,and it looks quite snug and comfy-like. Now in days of old doorways like this raised up one,had wooden steps leading up from ground level. In times of trouble and strife the wooden structure could be removed or set ablaze after pushing it aside.

                                           THE DIPPING IN COLOUR-WASH
                                             EMULSION PAINT & WATER

All the castings are now sealed and are ready for dry brushing extra colour on,but for now this is.....
                                                                 THE END

So thanks for viewing the video guys, and looking at a little bit extra along with me. BB


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    1. Hi Michal,thank you too for commenting. This is the top of those walls I cast up the other day.In total i cast up 20 of these castellation tops giving me plenty to cut up and convert into both buildings and long running walls upon my Honey Well layout.

      Greetings from the evergreen gardens
      that make up Fiddle Wood. Norwich UK BB

  2. Nice one again, even with the part of Daisy in it, lol.
    Always I get so much fun to see your work Paul,
    but even better to get a voice with it!
    Keep them coming my friend!

    1. Thank you Remco, plans are a foot to work on my railway layout soon so as things are put into place,i`ll run 3 cameras at the same time to catch lots of running trains as they pass by the ongoing work.The sound relaxes me much more than the radio does.
      Stay safe my friend,and say hello to Benno,from me.BB