Friday, 18 August 2017


A little correction is needed here,as the small parts made were buttresses, and not stone columns as described in my video. Comments on my You Tube Chanel and here on BB`s blog will always be answered.

                                                           A FEW PICTURES


The eye catching problem seen above where the two walls meet.

Forming the buttresses in the mould by installing styrene sheet pinned into place,then cast up.


After slight trimming....

Image is tried out for the first time.

It slips into place.....

... and that creates an unbroken line. So ones eye now accepts, and proves that this continuous uniformity simply works well. 

Four shortened buttress walls were cast to both start and finish the build. In total 14 walls 9 inches long and 4 walls 6 inches long were made.  

Thanks for taking time out to look. BB


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Michal. The wall is fast paste growing for the railway layout. The buttresses a great success. BB

  2. That's brilliant BB I feel like im in the presence of a great master! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Russ,for taking time out to look at my little video,and commenting too.As far as I am concerned in my twilight years,it is a point of fellowship,to pass a few tips on to others.A little problem solved can give ones modelling work a more natural look.The extra buttress added to the wall most certainly achieved that continuous unbroken end.I am now approaching an end to casting up things and soon the dipping in a colour-wash will finish lots of projects off. Greetings BB