Monday, 14 August 2017


Lots of shops on E Bay sell 1/72,1/32 and 1/35 scale bricks.
I decided to make my own which will come as no surprise for those familiar with my hobby style of work,and so it was that Sunday afternoon saw me cutting sections from a candy floss stick. "Just the job", I thought to my self as yet another idea of how to save money floated past my smiling little grey cells. Soon two sizes of brick like shapes were stuck onto an off cut of paper card.

                  Once more PVA Glue came into play sticking each wooden shape where I put it.

 The first silicone mould was soon produced and the first 69 bricks are shown above. I did not add colour to my mix,because I prefer to colour wash castings after they have dried out to a perfect white. However colours can be added to the mixing up process, but tends to slow down the curing time. Now it must be said I care very little for tiny bricks nobody can see upon my railway layout,so my simple bricks are seen above alongside one of my rulers. They will certainly fill my ever expanding needs.

Once more I got to play with those wonderful versatile Lego Bricks!
The reusable Board Pattern, just like on a factory production line, was used again to make a second silicon mould and then set up to make a third as seen below. Meanwhile the second casting up had filled again the first mould produced,and can be seen above.

Now ready made brick moulds can be bought on E Bay,and they cost £5.89 or there abouts with nearly another £5.00 for shipping costs. So one spends nearly £11.00 obtaining a silicone mould. That`s OK,for those that have a need for them in the hobby of arts and crafts. Of course ready made bricks can be bought  on line too,and a small bag of 2000 bricks cost £17.45 Free Post. Who are they kidding? Or one can buy 500 priced £7.49 Free Post.

The third and last mould was levelled off with one of my old favourite tools. My old Butter Knife! One will never find one in a modern tool kit that`s for sure. Before that levelling began I`d fingered and thumbed the silicone into the tiny mould. Yes I had used my best ever tools a body can ever have use of,my hands.
These three cheap rubber things cost  less than £3.00 to produce. Less than a Pound each,and will yield 207 bricks from  4 teaspoons full of Plaster of Paris. 500 bricks daily for a couple of weeks will fall into my stash. They will most certainly soon stack up.

What will I use my bricks for?
Everything from odd buildings ,double sided brick walls,to pavements and road ways,both on the waterways and Canal, and in `Honey Well', my little spiralling township of rambling buildings with its railway Station that oddly seems very busy at times.

I will most certainly use the bricks set into stacked up patterns to make,yes larger moulds.

Having been very busy casting up castellation walls,and there being always a little mix over I spread it into my brick moulds,a few shown above but over 8000 bricks have been added to my pile. Much better than assigning it to the waste bin and landfill somewhere in the UK. 

Have fun.  BB


  1. Impressive and very nice job!

  2. Now that's one to be kept to one side for future use, thanks for sharing BB