Saturday, 23 September 2017



  1. That's spot on BB, how big is the final planed build.

    1. Often is the case things can get rather big around our little house in Fiddlewood. I made 14 foot of wall,however i will only use 12 foot of that,better to have a little spare over than not enough.
      The model railway layout is 8 foot by 6,so i can easily loose this wall as a large part of it will most certainly hug close to the actual wall of the room. It will also support my raised canal which is 4 foot by 2,that has a three track railway running underneath it with four railway tunnels entrances that i made last year from my own rubber moulds. I will show the gradual build in short directed video`s and posts here on the blog. I aim for new quirky type buildings shuffled into place too, which i will hopefully scratch build over the remainder of this year. So lots more fun to view a look at, later,later and much later. Thank you for your comment and question Russ. Stay safe. BB