Friday, 13 October 2017


 Now doing arts and crafts finger nails get clogged up with gunge so please bear that in mind.

                                                             With that explained
                                                            LETS MAKE A START
                               I bought the Lego type sweet and the Chocolate  moulds with this in mind.

                       I  cast them up in Plaster of Paris and colour wash dipped them.

                            A tiny bit of Silicone did the trick of sticking each piece into place.

Each column fitted into my wall will have a stone Sentinel stationed on watch at the top,
and beneath his feet a water overflow channel will be fitted.

                                                   A quirky cheap as chips fun time item.

The picture above is a mock up but it shows the position this stone fellow will stand in,
and it will fill the space between the castellations.
I am always looking about for things that I can use for other purposes,and the old saying,
" Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained ", comes readily to mind.

So guys I hope you like this project?_________There will certainly be many, many more.