Monday, 23 October 2017

THE LITTLE OUTHOUSE presented by Beano Boy

This is an in between  side project started while I await glue to dry hard on other building`s.
This along side others will have a wooden roof top.

Here we go choosing another gear so to speak.  A tiny outhouse of wattle. Now I chose this old proved method ,because most of us did some kind of weaving at school in our tender years. So students in arts and crafts can easily construct a something unique for themselves for Pennies.
 I have constructed a few thick jigs from cardboard offcuts and a thick wedge of polystyrene which came in as part and parcel of deliveries.  Old Packaging certainly helped out here with these simple jigs.

Of course wattle and daub is as old as the hills,and so is another option of finishing this old style scratch-build. A plaster mix brushed on would most certainly create that sort of look. Or the whole string weave could simply be painted in homemade wash. Just add water to the colour of ones choice.
These structures can be infilled which will certainly make them very sturdy indeed.

The entrance way will have two wooden sides stuck into place and a wood lintel  overhead. Then a rustic door will be added.   Once all the round walls are complete it will be pulled off the jig and the skewers will be cut  off.

It gradually dawned upon me upon my waking up with my usual sleepy  eyed yawn,that I had forgotten to place the plastic sheet over my homemade jig. So it meant guys,that I had to pull it all out and wind it back upon  by ball of string. Never mind this is darn good practise at making balls of string!

And so it was......I restarted Plan A again.This time with the plastic now perfectly in place,with the skewers pushed through it and deeply into place. A few minutes later i was able to glue the first few courses to their wooden supports. The plastic sheet is a barrier!  When complete this small round wall will be pulled off the jig and the protruding bottom skewers simply snipped off with my tiny clippers.

A good friend on Benno`s Figure Forum, asked in the way of friendly banter,
" Will it turn out to be a basket?"
Whether the little outhouse will be flushed with a certain success I do not know.


The sticks were tied and pulled in tight over what will be the entrance forcing it to remain a bit upright and square. It was then tied off. More work is to come concerning this entry way later on.

 All the string was coated with PVA GLUE,and the work left to dry out over night.
As the next day came in smiling it saw that I was stuffing the cavity wall with dry strips of kitchen paper.

This paper was pushed down hard which restored the walls to a good solid permanent size. They had shrunk in over night and out of place with the glue drying out. The case being weaving of this type stores up ones applied energy and drying glue adds to it. But it was a case causing no great problem because I expected such a movement to happen.

With the shape now in an acceptable upright state,the top was coated with white glue and this was left to go tacky!

The wooden skewers were clipped off and the same type glue was globed  on to a nice thickness. Then small sized gravel was heaped up on top and pressed down by hand. So this gave a pleasing top to the double curved walls making it firmly into one. It is always beneficial to have fine shingle in ones modelling stash! This whole experience has been a learning curb for myself, and working on a small item like this means the footpath is lit up and well in place for further larger double wall projects.

This is one of the cheapest ways of scratch building solid strong walls,and costing Pennies rather than huge heaps of Pounds Stirling.

                                                                       UPDATE 29/10/2017

Well a couple of days later it was removed from my simple homemade jig. A fact I did not mention before was that I buttered the holes in my jig and buttered the bottom half of each skewer to be pushed into that jig. Yes I find best Butter was easier to use,because it could be pressed into each little hole very quickly. This did aid the lift off,and without it it could never have lifted off the jig.
So that is a Top Tip,and a very cheap one to apply.

The added combination of kitchen paper made the cavity most solid in construction values and was easily to pack in between each woven  wall. The sticks were cut off,but left proud for good sound reasoning.

   The first sample made was a good learning curb.  Although unpainted true! The figures seem content to view such a strange looking building for their fast growing little village.

                                         A princely seat for any Roman bashing King!

 Assimilated Wattle and Daub Construction using string made for a certain degree of success, and all sticks and glue and paper combined were and are cheap as chips.

The verdict is still out on using this powdered clay mix, but it was a pleasure to work with and it mixes up well, and will keep in plastic sealed bags without going hard. Mine was mixed up three weeks ago as part of my review, and it was  good to proceed with.

The clay base was reinforced with wire I usually make tree`s with.
After forming the shape out I needed the construction was pressed into the wet base and the sticks left proud gave it a good sound enough grounding.

There is a special kind of feeling when quirky things start to come together.

Adding a little detail.
PVA Glue was brushed on top of the wet clay and fine gravel was heaped upon it and pressed in by hand. The loose stuff will fall off later when all is hard and I tap the sides.  I saw no need to wait for the clay to harden before placing this hard stone to floor and pathway.

Wattle and Daub  Construction as old as the hills that first grew the trees that provided the sticks needed to reason the weaving principles out. So some daub will be added next along with the doorway and then the roof top work begins.

As time passes by there will be updates. So kindly pop in to see the progress if you wish a little later. This allows me to continue working on one page in an open ended way. Of course you can comment more than once if you have added interest to do so. BB


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    1. Thank you Michal.It will hopefully turn out in a most positive way. BB

  2. Creative as ever, cool idea!!!

    1. Thank you Remco, one should always expect the unexpected with my topics of active play. BB

  3. Impressive and creative as always!

    1. Thank you Phil,
      the little outhouse might well be flushed with a certain success in spite of my Hiccups!BB