Monday, 22 January 2018

THE LIBRARY Presented by BB

The Bookcase bought on line gave me the opportunity
to expand upon a scene in two of my own written Sci Fi books.

All that was required was making a rubber mould
and then filling it a few times with Plaster of Paris.

The soapy water method .

Simply pressed in while still wet.

Between filling up a few moulds a wash and tea break with an Apple Turnover is a favoured treat. 

Dr Nots G` Nivil, an explorer of brave new worlds and an avid collector of rare books.


Dr Nots 

Although not fully painted as such I thought to present it here and now. I found a perfect figure to occupy the large white faced Georgian  house that came into being in 1776, which still stands today over looking old Mother Thames in London. When first built it over looked in more ways than one a naval shipyard, and high ranking Officers above that of Post Captain were in residence there and the place a palace. Which was far from it being that in 1899 the year Mr Spotit climbed its nine stone steps just before 9 pm  on the 5th of November upon an icy cold night, and banged upon its door of black cracked and peeling paint. The sound resounded as if he was a hammering on big Ben itself, and it being nearly two minutes early.                                                                                                             


  1. Most impressive, so many books...and talent!

    1. Thank you Phil.Yes books a plenty holding so many story`s,but only one Book Worm. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Michal,a friend said the little book case was not that good,but in my minds eye I knew it could be. BB

  3. Replies
    1. Thank You.The quirky Library will serve to house many a storybook tale. BB

  4. I just love this! Great scene at the end there with the doctor and his library.

    1. Thank you Marvin. Sorry for rather late response.
      The Library looks all i imagined it would in my minds eyes many months ago. I like finding new pathways in order to present my stuff.
      Comments are good to receive so thanks again. BB

  5. I wonder did i press the reply button? BB