Tuesday, 12 March 2019


I  had  quite  a lazy  day  getting over a Cold, but I managed to piece this musical photo-shoot together. It took all afternoon  but  what the heck!  It  was fun.  Enjoy.  BB

                                           EXTRA  SMALLER  MOULDING  FUN

                                           It will all help make  the finale picture.

          Tiny 28mm  Bretin  Shields from the 1990`s I used as patterns in the rubber mould.

            Castings ain`t that great but here are some before trimming the edges took place.

 Stone shields for the castle walls. I have made other shield pattern moulds  and castings by the hundreds which I can stick in place after construction of the walls near completion. Once dipped in colourwash my own mix the thin detail should look much better than it does here.

Thanks for your visit. Feel free to comment. BB

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this progress BB! It's one heck of a project