Sunday, 23 September 2018


Another topic put to bed on YOU TUBE, with toddle along music.
I really enjoyed making this one.  The full written topic is still here in Tutorial guidance form on this blog if there is interest.
Making layouts with plenty of  tunnels, then making your own is the way to save lots of money that can be better spent elsewhere.  Thank you for your visit guys you are most welcome.  BB

Thursday, 30 August 2018


For those that know of me it will come as no great surprise to learn that i  used plastic cake and sandwich  packaging to create  the scenes. It was just a methodical method of refilling them with Plaster of Paris!

 The castings produced from rubber moulds for stone steps and heavy slabs that I made myself also became part and parcel of them too. The steps leading the way also served when stood upon end to become both gateway and ominous dark chilling walls.

 The music was made possible by You Tube under their Licence they obtained. So this meant that no infringement of Copyright Law was incurred by myself upon placing it as I did. After trolling through  artists work for hours on end, I finally decided that this music would best serve my theme, and the running time of 2 minutes was set into place to coincide with it.

The special effects were provided by a Programme downloaded  on my PC for free.
  I therefore chose the Ripple effect along with that portraying hungry crazed Bats!

All in all, it was great fun to piece every thing together.
 Always feel free to comment as I will always answer friendly comments. BB