Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Topsy Turvy

The first buildings to be colourwash dipped are part of the castle project, and as samples they pave the way for another 18 to be constructed from the multi purpose parts that I have made by hand. There are 8 parts to every building so lots of castings have been piled up in a huge stash.
I want to create a colourful township around the castles outer walls. These are 20mm scale buildings dictated so by the size of the doors and small windows. Writing of windows, i will slot tiny wooden windows into their openings later.

This project has been posted on `Benno`s Figure Forum 'in greater detail on the Sub Forum, marked Tutorials and Walk Throughs. So guys everyone of you are welcome to visit it ,and  me there too. Presently well over 200 a day are clicking onto The Rubber Mould, that is an open ended topic that has been ongoing there for over 3 years. There you will find lots of friendly advice, banter  and lots of extra fun time quirky stuff too on going.

                                                        Shown as Example Only

I will need to scratch build chimneys for the castle, and the outlaying buildings too out of special card. So that will be great fun doing all that stuff and lots more besides. I cannot guarantee that mine will be as ornate as those above, but I look forwards to tackle each hobby job hands on_ and will explain fully in detail and follow up with pictures.

I`ve been making chimneys, pots and all for donkeys years and it always easy to do. I promise.


Friday, 5 April 2019


I cut the lower part of the mould that actually formed the inner archway and walls, into quarters,and used very long pins to fix this jig-like thing together by pushing them right through into the rubber. I also added another letterbox shaped wall mould onto the top of this entrance way mould,and this too was pinned into place making everything watertight. Than all were cast up with one good mix of Plaster of Paris.

The reason for cutting the lower section into quarter was because I cast up a sample, and it was deeply imbedded into  the archway cavity I had a hell of a job getting it out.

                                                                 See what I mean ?

Upon getting the darn thing out it cracked across the top but was held in place by a thick wire support I`d placed across the top sinking it into the wet mixture. So I re-thought the problem over, and then solved it by turning the entire thing into a rubber jig.

I cut a wedge of solid rubber out so it made it very quick and easy to remove each and every rubber piece and in doing so freeing each casting.

The wall level added solidly solved that cracking problem too.

 A loose battlement wall level was placed on top.

A mock up above,just to add a little bit of interest.  BB

Wednesday, 27 March 2019


I made the Gates, but.....

…. never gave it much thought about what might actually come through them.  BB